Deposit Your Useless MILK!

Got burned by BattleBoobas? Me Too!

Deposit your MILK here, or don't, I don't care!

Here's the deal, you have worthless MILK, I have an idea. Depending on the interest, I may or may not actually work on it. If you want to deposit your milk here, go ahead. There is no guarantee you will get anything out of this.


This project has gotten more attention than I anticipated, and I really appreciate that. I hope that I have helped remove some of the sting from the BattleBoobas rug, and that you have had a good laugh. This project will probably not make you rich, or recover your losses from BattleBoobas. You may, however, have some fun and make friends along the way. Be sure to read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

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Deposits now closed!

Most of the fun is now taking place in Pyro's Kingdom.

Welcome to the Cheesyverse!

If the below is unclear, read the docs.

Quad-Token Economics

Mint a Rat Trap!

Rat Trap

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Mint a Cow!

Cheese Cow

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Wrap a Cat!

BattlePussy sounds so vulgar. Turn yours into a Rat Catching Cat!

Rat Cat

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Cheeseverse FAQ

Is this legit?

Define legit. This is a project that was created for fun to take the sting out of the BattleBoobas rug. It will probably amount to nothing, but you never know. At the very least you can get those worthless NFTs and $MILK out of your wallet.

What happens to my $MILK and NFTs after I deposit?

The NFTs are gone forever. I purposely made sure they can't be retrieved so that they can't cause any more harm. The $MILK will likely stay locked in the contract, unless by some miracle it becomes worth a decent amount of money. In that unlikely case it will be withdrawn and used to add liquidity to this project.

What can I do with the Cheese Cow and Rat-Catching Cat NFTs?

You can use them in the next phase of the Cheesyverse, Pyro's Kingdom.

Will this make me rich/recover my losses from BattleBoobas?

This is very unlikely. I know some of you lost a lot. As stated above, this project is mostly for fun. I truly hope that it becomes more than that and that you can recover some losses, but you shouldn't expect that.

How will this game work?

Once built, this game will have multiple tokens and staking mechanisms to burn those tokens. Please refer to the whitepaper near the top of this page or read the docs.

Can I help?

Maybe? What are you good at? Hit me up on Discord or Twitter @xrpant.